Up in the forests of the Tweed Valley, there’s gold in them thar hills. Gold Run that is – the standard bearer of the finest pale ales. A citrus haze with the mellowness of a late summer sunrise, this a distinguished, classy pale ale.

There’s a smooth taste tranquillity with a perfect equilibrium of subtle sweetness and bitterness. Not many beers can claim to be as good as Gold Run.

Pale Ale


Alc Vol

Tasting notes

A deceptively simple malt bill, but the addition of a small amount of Vienna malt to the base of Pale Ale and Wheat malts gives a golden hue and imparts a balancing touch of sweetness to the robust bitterness.
The aroma is a blend of sweet tangerine and tropical fruits with a sharper edge of refreshing citrus.



Angry Sheep is a quintessentially quaffable session lager. The perfect subtle complement after earning your thirst from the short sharp turns on the MTB trails.

This is a premium lager which has subtle citrus fruit notes and a wonderfully delicate intensity. This is an easy rider in every way with the gentle carbonation meaning you’re never bloated or overly gassed. Angry Sheep simply goes down in refreshingly understated, clean, and confident way.

Craft Lager


Alc Vol

Tasting notes

Not your standard macro lager.
A combination of Lager and Extra Pale malts with a high proportion of wheat gives a smooth malt backbone to the showcase of the UK hops Pioneer and Challenger. This gives a subtle spicy bitterness and notes of cedarwood, grapefruit and lemon on the aroma.


Repeat Offender is a criminally good IPA. It’s completely guilty of a fruity insouciance on any occasion. But someone is going to have carry the can and that might as well be you.

You’ll be confronted with a tropically lively, smooth IPA. The finish is soft, lingering gently on the tongue without reproach. Your getaway can wait a while longer as you’ll come back time and time again to Repeat Offender.

Session IPA


Alc Vol

Tasting notes

Munich and Caramalt provide colour, body and subtle malt sweetness to complement the intense citrus character of four hop varieties: Cascade, Chinook, Citra and Azacca.
On the nose, lemon, lime and grapefruit vie for attention alongside mango and sweet orange.