Durty Brewing

Inspired by the trails and wonderful landscape of the Scottish Borders, Durty Brewing make great tasting and refreshing beers crafted by Paul McGreal and Gordon Donald.

Paul and Gordon have been pals for over 20 years – a friendship forged in the heat of running, biking and adventure racing, and sustained with a refreshing pint or two over the years.

Durty Brewing was born during the great Covid pandemic of 2020 (and 2021, and….) when Paul and Gordon were being driven crazy by a lack of adventure and missing their Friday pints in the pub. They schemed and decided that weirdly, now was exactly the time to start a brewery, open a tap room, provide refreshment, and add to the attractiveness of our amazing home area as a destination. Plus, they wanted to try something new…

Paul is an avid lover of the outdoors, an active member of Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue and owner of Durty Events. He’s more comfortable on a bike than behind a desk, and doing a megaphone briefing to racers (and experimenting with the boundary of ‘did I just go too far there?’) than being sensible on a Zoom call.

Gordon has a lifelong love of active and adventure stuff: running, biking, skiing, midnight drunken sledging. He was an early member of the Tweed Valley MTB Patrol, and was a leading light in AIM Up! Uplift project for Innerleithen. He’s leaving a corporate career in senior management roles behind in order to help make great beer. Some of which might be left for everyone else’s enjoyment.

With a love of the Scottish Borders, the outdoors and its sports, Paul and Gordon knew from the outset they wanted the brewery and its beers to be an integral part of the local and the Durty Events community. Durty Brewing is committed to delivering:

  1. Top tasting contemporary craft beer
  2. A great space to enjoy quality craft beers and to meet with mates
  3. Creating something new, worthwhile and exciting in our community, and which will contribute to the Tweed Valley economy and attractiveness as a destination
  4. A lot of fun, funny, and interesting stuff along the way….!
  5. Inspired by the Borders, its trails and landscape, and tapping into the energetic biking and outdoor community that unites us, a Durty Brew is best enjoyed when you’ve earned it; after a day on the trails, after collecting some miles on tarmac, or after a hike up one of our many many scenic hills, you choose!